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Hadoop The Definitive Guide [Book] - Study Notes

Chap-1- Meet Hadoop

  • Requirement and adoption in yahoo.
  • A framework that can scale to the web.
  • Map and Reduce acitivity and features like data locality.
  • Can be applied with a variety of algorithms
  • Huge data processing can beat good algorithms

Chap-2 - MapReduce

  • The Map Java class and Reducer Java class
  • The Job java class
  • Jobtracker and tasktracker
  • Hadoop reduces the input to input splits or just splits
  • Map tasks write the intermediate output to local disks, so that they can be discarded after use.
  • Outputs of Reduce tasks are stored in HDFS
  • Combiner function can be run on map output, and the combiner functions output forms the input to the reduce function
  • Hadoop streaming proivide hadoop apis in languages other than Java

Chap-3 - The Hadoop Distributed Filesystem

  • Fault tolerant solution. Same data written at multiple places.
  • Filesystems that manage the storage across a network of machines are called distributed filesystems.
  • Blocks - a block size is the minimum amount of data it can read and write (for hdfs its 64mb by default)
  • Namenodes and Datanodes - An HDFS cluster has a master-worker pattern: a namenode (master) and number of datanodes(workers). Master has all the meta data and datanode has all the blocks (but not persistent). Its reconstructed at start time.
  • HDFS federation
  • HDFS High-availablity
  • On large clusters the time it takes for a namenode to start from cold can be upto 30 mins
  • Fencing and failover - When one node fails an entity called 'failover controller' switch to the standby node. But first a ZooKeeper is used to ensure that only one namenode is active.
  • Graceful failover - triggered by adming
  • Ungraceful failover - in this case to make sure that the other node has completely stopped running, a mechanism called fencing is done. In worst case it does ' shoot the other node in the head' - force shutdown .
  • File Operations in HDFS
  • There are java endpoints to do all operations like create, delete, sync
  • Use Flume and Sqoop to move data
  • Copy parallel with distcp
  • Hadoop archives are compressed blocks that can be used as input to MapReduce

Chap - 4 I/O

  • Compression
  • Reading compressed data
  • Serialzation in natively implemented in Hadoop for better perfomance
  • Apache Avro is a project to do this in an improved way and support multiple languages, diff from Google Protocol Buffer and Thrift

Chapter - 5 - Developing a MapReduce Application

Setting up the Environment
- The Configuration API to read xml resource files etc
- Writing Unit Test with MRUnit
- Running locally on a small data
- Using Tool Interface write a Driver to run our MapReduce Job (Java file)
- Testing the driver
- Run in Cluster
- Package jar
- Launching a Job run the driver
- Debugging a Job
- Running multiple Job in particular flow

Chapter 6 - How MapReduce Works

Chapter 9 - Chapter 15

Setting Up Hadoop Cluster 
- Manually 
- Using a CDH distribution (See Appendix)

Hadoop Tools : 
  • Pig: Aimed to provide data structure and transformation more than just map and reduce can do
  • Hive: Made to run queries for people who were weak in Java but strong in SQL
  • Hbase: Distributed, column-oriented database built on top of HDFS. It is built to scale.
  • ZooKeeper: Is build to avoid partial failures of request transfers happening between nodes.
  • Squoop: To transfer data from external applicaitons , web api etc. This is focused on data movement.

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